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Digital Transformation of Ukraine: Top 4 Services to Simplify Your Document Work

Ukraine's digitalization began before the war, and it hasn't stopped; rather, it has accelerated. Every Ukrainian is now accustomed to the fact that several government services can be accessed online with just a few clicks. And our pace of technological-informational system development surprises even the most advanced countries.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has no intention of slowing down. It promises that soon, Ukraine will become the most convenient digital country in the world. And we will all forget forever what bureaucracy and queues are. We have no doubts!

But for now, we have compiled a list of services that will significantly simplify your life today, especially if you work with documents. We at SalesTech actively use each of them.

  • Diia

First on our list is Diia. Opening an individual entrepreneur or LLC without leaving home? Why not? This is the fastest business registration in the world! Becoming an entrepreneur now takes just 10 minutes. All you need is a digital passport and a signature.

Dozens of automatic services are also available in the app and on the portal in just a few clicks, including tax payments.

This service was developed over four years, coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic and full-scale war. Now more than half of the country's population uses the service.

  • Electronic Document Flow

Next on our list is Electronic Document Flow. Just a few hours - and the process of signing documents between two companies, along with details coordination, is complete. Quickly, without any paper, printing, or couriers.

Speed up the start of work or provision of services, make settlements, receive job completion reports, and more. Electronic document flow will save you significant time and resources.

  • E-Court Subsystems

Moving on to E-Court Subsystems. All procedural documents: claims, applications, petitions can now be easily submitted to the court in electronic format.

Thanks to this subsystem, it is possible to authorize another user to take actions or pay court fees and other payments online.


Finally, we have EDESSB. Thanks to the Unified State Electronic System in the construction sector, all construction documentation is now created exclusively in the eSystem. All processes now take place online, and each action is recorded.

EDESSB is a significant step in implementing the reform of Ukraine's urban planning sector precisely through the digitization of most state services in the field.

Thus, despite the very challenging circumstances, Ukraine is gradually transitioning to a digital economy and becoming increasingly innovative.

And the main thing is that this transformation helps both individuals and businesses right now.

It's about fast and convenient access to services, process optimization, and increased management efficiency. And it's also about improving the quality of life and the country's competitiveness as a whole.