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How to Use Instagram for Real Estate Sales in 2024

Sales in the digital era heavily rely on the quality of your online brand presence.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, offers users absolutely free tools for promotion. In combination with other methods, they help attract your desired audience and boost sales.

In 2024, no successful Instagram strategy can do without such simple yet effective methods.

  • Reels: Entertain Your Followers

Funny clips resonating with readers, valuable tips, graphics with motivational quotes, shareable, or saveable content. Instagram is a visual platform where well-produced videos often make it into recommendations.

However, users are a bit tired of perfect images in 2024. Instead, honest and candid stories, storytelling, remain relevant. Unique experiences often attract more attention than retouched photos and staged videos with perfect lighting.

So, share experiences. Detail the advantages of your real estate or discuss industry trends. Invite your audience into your world; share funny moments from work life. Don't hesitate to confidently express your opinion; it establishes you as a professional.

  • Carousel: Provide Value to Your Readers

A post with multiple slides is an excellent way to thoroughly highlight your project, provide detailed insights, and add your own perspectives—all in one "carousel."

Use attention-grabbing "hooks" in the first slide. Each subsequent slide should complement the previous one and further engage the audience.

The downside of carousel posts today is that they are less likely to make it into recommendations.

  • Stories: Build Communication with Clients

Interesting, well-designed stories are more than just a repost of your post in the feed. Social media developers tirelessly work to keep users engaged with new tools for attracting followers' attention.

Q&A sessions, where you can thoroughly discuss your project and answer readers' questions. Space for photos and videos that can be saved in Highlights, up to 100 photos in one.

In short, stories are the perfect space to build your brand around your personality. Talk about yourself and your work, your team and projects. Together with private messages, this tool helps build trust with your subscribers.

  • Instagram Lives: Engage with Your Audience Live

Real-time engagement with your audience will help you showcase your property and immediately address numerous questions.

"Take" your followers to the construction site, narrate and demonstrate the construction process, or maybe showcase the infrastructure, conduct a tour of the property.

This tool is useful when you already have a live audience with whom you can interact.

So, there are plenty of ways for free promotion on Instagram. It's hard to predict which one will work best. Experiment with your content, regularly analyze it, change your strategy, and add new tools if necessary.