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How to Sell Real Estate: 8 Tips for Setting Up Effective Targeted Advertising

The effectiveness of real estate sales today largely depends on a finely tuned target. And it's no wonder: in the age of digital technologies, buyers primarily search for their dream property on online platforms.

To impress your target audience with effective advertisements, consider the advice from Victoria Kurovska, a leading specialist in targeted advertising at SalesTech, which she shared with

1.Lead Generation - Optimal Goal

When planning an advertising campaign to sell real estate, determining the right goal is key. This significantly impacts the effectiveness of the entire campaign. From our experience, the best results are achieved with lead forms.

To ensure maximum lead quality and reduce the number of non-target inquiries, it's important to carefully craft the lead form. Including a detailed description of the property and additional questions allows potential clients to better understand if this offer meets their expectations.
2.Test Different Audiences

In the context of real estate sales, it's important not to limit yourself to one audience. Experiment with different groups of potential buyers united by interests, demographic characteristics, and behavioral factors:

  • Interest-based audiences: segment potential buyers according to their interests, such as real estate, interior design, or mortgages.
  • Look-alike audiences: use data from your existing client base to create new audiences.
  • Remarketing: don't forget about people who have already interacted with your website or ads. Remarketing allows you to re-engage those who have shown interest, increasing the chances of a sale.

3.Use No More Than 3 Interests in Audience Settings

When setting up the audience for an advertising campaign, it's recommended to use no more than three interests. This ensures clarity and concentration of the target coverage. It also allows advertising platform algorithms to optimize ad impressions more effectively, increasing quality and relevance.

4.Set Up the Pixel

Installing a pixel on your website is critical for tracking visitors and their behavior. This not only enables effective remarketing campaigns but also gathers valuable information for further refining target audiences.

5.Aim for a Minimum Audience Size of 500,000

For the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the audience size should be sufficiently large while maintaining relevance. We recommend a minimum audience size of 500,000 people. This provides adequate coverage without losing focus on potentially interested clients.

6.The Power of Visual Content

Vivid photos and videos of real estate properties appear more attractive and inspire more trust than standard renders or visualizations. They allow potential buyers to better imagine themselves in the space and feel the atmosphere.
7.Use No More Than 5 Creatives for Testing in One Ad Group

Using more than 5 creatives in one advertising group can complicate algorithm optimization for determining the most effective ads, leading to attention and budget dispersion. This reduces campaign effectiveness and slows down goal achievement.

8.Relevant Message: Key to an Effective Advertising Campaign

Even with high-quality creatives and perfect audience targeting, without a relevant and poignant message, you won't achieve desired results.

The relevance of the message determines how well your offer meets the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Monitoring competitors and deeply understanding the "pain points" of your target audience are crucial for creating a message that resonates and motivates action.

In short, SalesTech experts possess deep targeting knowledge, employ the most effective strategies, and continuously improve their skills. What's in return? Expertly tuned advertising campaigns with minimal costs and maximum results for clients.