Three solutions:

We identify the strong points of your project and potential growth opportunities that can significantly enhance both its value and pace.
Key marketing activities include:
  • Lead generation to meet sales targets.
  • SMM and content marketing, image and brand strategies.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive marketing kit – visualization of residential complexes, apartment plan design, development of POS materials, layouts, and messages for digital and offline advertising.
  • Market positioning, defining the target audience, and assessing demand volume.

Ultimately, you will attain the required quantity and quality of clients.
We consider this stage the most crucial phase of the project, where the foundation for the entire project is laid.

Our developed framework encompasses a full spectrum of marketing and sales team activities, from the preparatory phase to sales launch.

As a result, you will be provided with the project concept and a ready-to-launch sales project.
We fully immerse ourselves and manage the sales process, which consists of the following stages:
  • Recruitment and staffing of OP personnel, training, and skill enhancement.
  • Implementation of CRM, sales funnels, Power BI analytics dashboard, IP telephony, sales scripts, and lead management.
  • Development of a price list and a plan for price increases, installment terms, discount policies, and promotions.
  • Creation of a specification for the sales office premises, equipping it with office equipment.

As a result, you will receive incoming funds in your account.
These solutions provide a comprehensive range of project work or can address specific project problem areas individually
Our effectiveness is always measured by how well financial inflows and the price per square meter align with the plan
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